Secret retreats
of green space
surprise you around
every corner.

Escape the world with a wander through the greenery of Crossrail Place’s relaxing roof garden. Catch up with friends over an impromptu lunch-time picnic in Jubilee Park. Or be inspired by the buzz of Montgomery Square and the exciting events you’ll find happening throughout the year.

You’ll be ideally located to enjoy a more natural, healthy and vibrant work-life balance than ever before.

Crossrail Place Roof Garden

Jubilee Park

So close...


1 min


4 min


1 min

Place Roof

4 min

Montgomery Square

Canada Square

Join the
fight against
plastic waste.

Green transport: Less than 5% journeys by car. More than 4000 cycle spaces. 68 electric car charging points. Switching to zero carbon vehicles. Waste policy: Zero waste to landfill from managed areas since 2009. Green energy: 100% of electricity purchased from renewable resources since 2012. 10632 items recycled. Clean Coffee: 590 tonnes of coffee grounds diverted from landfill and turned into bio fuels. 5.8m coffee cups recycled since February 2017. Responsible sourcing: All projects targeting full FSC certification. Breaking the plastic habit: 20000+ users registered on the HELPFUL app. 13823 items reused with the HELPFUL app. Canary Wharf was the 1st commercial district to achieve Plastic Free Communities status in 2019. 8.8 million single use plastic (SUP) items eliminated or recycled. 2.2 million straws removed. 7 Water refill stations installed. Over 360000 water bottles refilled. 28436 SUP bottles recycled via the first publicly available deposit return vending machine installed in the UK. 3 million single use plastic (SUP) items eliminated.

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